TOA Winchester, LLC Donates $50,000 to Randolph Central School Corporation to Help in the Construction of a Softball Facility

For years, the Winchester Community High School softball team has practiced and played in Goodrich Park.  We are grateful that the City of Winchester has been willing to let us use that facility and has incurred the cost to maintain it for so long.  In reality, this arrangement limits time on the softball diamond for the school teams and for other teams the city is hosting on that field.  In order to work on growing opportunities and increasing the success of the WCHS softball program, the school needs to increase playing time for the high school softball team and for all the younger players that eventually will attend WCHS.

As Randolph Central planned this project the Corporation was able to fund half of the cost and has begun seeking in-kind donations as well as donated labor.  What has been needed for this project to move forward is that one donation that anchors the project and gives it the momentum for other donors to see the light at the end of the tunnel.  

As a significant boost to this effort, Randolph Central School Corporation would like to thank TOA Winchester, LLC and its President, Mr. Yoshida, for being that anchor for this project.  TOA has committed $50,000 for the construction of the softball facility at Winchester Community High School.  TOA has a clear vision to play a active part in the local community, and they are showing it in multiple ways.  This is only the latest development in Randolph Central’s  partnership with TOA which includes the donation of a robot, externships with teachers, fieldtrips for students, possible work project for welding,  and now, this donation to construct a softball diamond at Winchester Community High School.  Kids are the benefactors of this project, and they are the community’s greatest asset. 

The Board of School Trustees of Randolph Central School Corporation would like to thank TOA Winchester, LLC for this incredible gift to the future of our student-athletes and families.