Webb's Depth of Knowledge

Beginning in the 2017-18 school year, Randolph Central School Corporation determined that Depth of Knowledge (DOK) is a high priority for K-12 professional development.  In order for students to earn a high school diploma and be College and Career Ready, they need to practice and master the thinking skills that exhibit the four levels of Depth of Knowledge on a regular basis:   

Step 1:  Recall and Reproduction of Information

Step 2:  Basic Application of Skills and Concepts

Step 3:  Strategic Thinking

Step 4:  Extended Thinking

Not only will our state assessments and graduation pathways require this level of thinking, our current workforce demands the same abilities in order to remain competitive in this global economy.  Thus, Randolph Central teachers are working very hard to adjust their instruction, assessment, and performance tasks to include all four levels on a regular basis for the benefit of students.

See the attached image for a closer look at Webb’s Four Levels of DOK: